Jellyfish stinger suits and sun protection against UVA and UVB!

Published: 09th November 2009
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The Stinger suit was originally designed and developed in Australia to protect swimmers from the sting of the deadly box jellyfish. It was made of Nylon and Spandex swimming fabric. The main usage was for swimmers, snorkelers and bathing people who needed the protection from stinging Box Jellyfish in Northern Australia during the summer months.

The warm tropical sun in Australia has far more burning power than most people realize. Stinger suits give you sun protection when you are on the beach or swim around. The UV-blocking fabric covers most of your body, offering comfort and full spectrum UV protection.

These stinger suits are probably the most comfortable swimwear you can get, a great outfit for cool, warm and hot climates. You may want to wear one throughout the day, without the hassle of changing clothes before and after each swim and applying sunscreens and other sun creams. They are breathable, flexible with 4 ways stretch, lightweight, quick drying, and the new generation offers chlorine resistance in sea water and chlorinated pools.

Stinger suits differ from diving suits because they are lighter, and made of swimming fabric in comparison to diving suits which are made from heavy materials such as neoprene. They are made from chlorine resistant fabric, have a full front zipper and come in a range of colors and sizes.

Once you get wet in this suit, it feels like build-in air-conditioning, keeping you just at the right temperature. It dries quickly in hot weather, so you may want to soak it again if you get too hot. Don't wear anything underneath and it's like you wear almost nothing, a great feeling of freedom.

When going on holiday or simply spending a day on the beach, make sure you are well protected against Jellyfish stingers and the damaging rays of the sun. Your best option is sun protection stinger suits.

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